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Beautiful new hosta plates and bowls plus poppy and flower bowls

Ohhh, what a magical kiln load this week! Click on the images to see new pieces now in stock:



In progress are nesting bowl sets, large and medium poppy bowls. I am finishing up several large dinnerware orders this month, so please custom order out of stock works if you can, or watch for new available pieces as they sell quickly. New kiln loads tend to be listed early in the week. Thanks!

I found myself completely absorbed in looking at a spider web today. The geometry that makes it strong and visually pleasing seems so beyond the capacities of a small insect! Where did this complex talent originate? Are there ever spiders who would rather make webs in different shapes? It set my imagination on fire! Hope you take time to look at the details this week! 



I made my minimalist anemone dipping sauce bowls in 3 bright colors plus white for those wonderful casual backyard parties with friends and family. The hosta leaves are huge already so I'll have hosta plates in a few weeks, too. You can custom order now if you like.


I came home with bags full of baked goods, handmade crafts and produce from the Charlotte Street Farmer's Market today. We'll be eating good this week: hand rolled tamales, vegan sausages that taste every bit as good as the meat version, farm fresh eggs, colorful chard, and tender salad greens. I think that the best part is buying from makers and growers who are so joyfully passionate about their small business. 

I'm stocking up on mugs and beer steins for Father's Day, in case you need one. Next kiln load will be mid week. Hope you get to enjoy some sunshine!


New Urban Rustic bowls, nesting bowls, poppy bowls, birds nest box

Had a gorgeous kiln firing, and another unloading tomorrow! Here is some newness:


I've been experimenting lots lately. It's as if the images of my European road trip this February have been waiting for the right time to burst forth as new designs! So much fun to be in the flow of new ideas, new forms, new glazes.


New! Urban Rustic bowls 10/14

I unloaded 2 spectacular bowls this morning and am so pleased!

I also added more Owl House ornaments and a large nesting bowl set in Chocolate Sorbet. I have more Organic Soul nesting bowls, Birds Nest casseroles  and 2 C flower bowls in progress- they should be available by 10/18. You can also purchase preorders for the Autumn Song flower bowl now.

Hope you find time to gather a few pinecones, seed pods and interesting twigs this week. They make great table decorations for Thanksgiving, and fun winter craft projects in the winter ahead.

Thanks for reading and looking in on my new work!


new work! 9/29

 large flower bowls in all colors, 2 incredible large Urban Rustic handbuilt bowls and Neon Christmas ornaments are all now stocked. Here is my new collaboration with Marci- I love her leaf  plates and think the small anemone flower bowls are beautiful with it


just listed-9/27

 Autumn Harvest Flower bowls, Turquoise Sunset flower bowls, white nesting tray set and Pea pod casseroles are in stock! Birds Nest casseroles are available by preorder. I also have a beautiful feathers and lace bowl, and brand new collaborations with my daughter Marci. I especially love the new  anemone flower with her geometric tray, and leaf. In progress look for more very large rustic hand built bowls, Sunday Coffee flower bowls, and love bird keepsake boxes.

Enjoy a small moment to catch those small buds of autumn mums slowly unfurl. I love how the unremarkable green dot hold such a large riot of beauty!


Introducing my Neon collection and other new works


Nothing is as beautiful to me as the natural world. When you pay attention, there are constant surprises! A deer locks eyes with you then darts away, a new flower opens with a color more vivid than ever before. Neon is my collection that expresses this moment of surprise and awe. Look for pops of neon and fluorescent color  in my woodland, neutral, and organic forms. I hope those fleeting encounters with magic light up your day today.

Neon Christmas is in production! the fluorescent and silver berries on Owl house are just a start! New creations will unfold over the next few months.

 Here are my Bird Plates, which can be wired to hang or used as lunch/dessert plates. They are made by rolling my nana's old crochet  lace tablecloth into soft clay.  These have been my best seller for several years and I've just made more last week.These are the first listings on my website. 


Nesting bowls, textured vine bowls, Owl bowls and new works just listed

 Great kiln load this week! I have nesting bowl sets and lots of little owl bowls. Look for a new nesting bowl set in a smaller size by afternoon, 6/7. Also watch for textured vine bowls in gorgeous new colors.

Also introducing the Family Bowl. You can customize this with any number of adult and baby birds for your family, and I will have it ready to ship in only 2 weeks. What a unique gift for weddings (2 birds), weddings with existing children, new baby, grandparents or your parents!

Raised in Love is a new little sculptural piece that I designed when my daughter left for college. It depicts that paradoxical feeling of joy that your little bird can fly and the pain as if your heart has cracked open, symbolized by the heart shaped egg. It is a sweet reminder to your grown children that they were raised in love.

Next week, look for more nesting bowl sets, birds nest casseroles, goblet sets, large hand built bowls and a few surprises!


My gift with your purchase

I am making these for you! The first 100 sales over $30 on my website will get a bird tray as my gift to you. These were made as a "mini" of my bird plates, using various stamps and textures. I will glaze them in white. They are a retail value of $14 ea. Every one is signed on the back.


Urban Rustic Series

My favorite thing to do lately is to create texture in clay, and then layer the pieces into nesting bowl sets or dinnerware. I've pressed everything in the house and garden into clay, and now I'm scrounging through Home Depot eyeballing the filters, backs of tiles, and rows of hardware. I plan to glaze these sets in my Organic Soul pattern of cobalt blue, lime green, and turquoise. These won't be ready for 2 weeks. The Urban Rustic series is a minimalist exploration of the woodland rustic mode I've created for several years.

Tomorrow I am glazing a load of noodle bowls, owl bowls, and love bird bowls. Everything else in it- the flower bowls and dinnerware, is already ordered. I like to have at least half of a week, or half of a kiln load, that is not ordered, so I can make what I want to in the moment.

Thanks for visiting my new website! I've been working on this all month and am excited to take this new step!