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Birds Nest casseroles now in stock

I have a limited number of Birds Nest casseroles available now. The rest of this week's glaze load was pre sold, and will ship Thurs-Fri this week. Some gorgeous pieces going out! My next kiln load will be in around 5 days, as I'm working to get your orders done. Here is the link to those casseroles (click the pic)


I will be selling some prototypes and seconds again starting Feb 4th at 7 pm EST. You can check here for news and follow me on Instagram to see a preview:

Have a week of adventures and smiles!



New Listings

On election eve, I just listed a large selection of favorites that are back in stock. I'm firing 1-2 kiln loads every week but you know that everything will sell out faster than I can make it during this season. Please get your gifts scooped up while you can! Here are newly listed pieces. Click the pic to go to the listing.




You must know that I'm thrilled with that last bowl! It's one of the prettiest of this year. Hope you find beauty in each day, and spread smiles wherever you go.


New kiln load

I have lots of new pieces this week, including Birds Nest casseroles, a Modern Lace platter, Love Birds luminary in rust, 2 cup flower bowls in summer garden colors, a nesting bowl set.

Click images to see the full listing. 

In progress: More nesting bowl sets, an owl luminary, mama and baby bird bowls, 4 and 8 cup flower bowls, fox casseroles.


Berries are in season here! I've visited a pick-your-own blueberry farm, harvested raspberries and fat blackberries in our back yard garden, and found wild berries on hikes. I've worked on more gluten free recipes, so watch for some soon! Hope you have some time this week to enjoy summer's bounty. Nothing compares to fruit fresh from the vine. I'm taking off today for some hiking and reading in the hammock after working all weekend. Hope you get some of that, too!


Happy Fourth of July!

This made me happy- a brilliant kiln load! Here are pieces just stocked and watch for some brand new listings today and tomorrow! Click any to see listing.



What's New

One of my favorite things is opening a kiln, removing each warm vessel gingerly, turning it to see every angle, holding it by the sunlit window to check for hairline cracks or small glaze flaws. On a really good day, there are few pieces with issues. On a freaking fantastic day, there are pieces so spectacular that I drink my morning coffee and just look at them for awhile. This morning was a day like that. Here are pieces that have been restocked; click on the image to go to the listing page:



Look for some new pieces tomorrow too! I have a large hand built bowl and platter that I can list when I get the photos ready.

Hope you get to make something today! If you don't have a project maybe you can just make someone smile. That's another of my favorite things.


Bird's nest casseroles, nesting bowl sets

I just stocked some gorgeous Birds nest casseroles and nesting bowl sets. In progress are more nesting bowl sets, platters, and small sculptures. You can custom order most sold out pieces.

I'm working on a new series and testing the prototypes for popularity in my Etsy store. I will soon offer the best here- can't wait! This series is very exciting to me. 

I find myself staring up at the sky at night lately, finding comfort and awe. My imagination seeks explanations for why the stars evoke such powerful emotions. Here is one of my whimsical conclusions:


Birds Nest casseroles and keepsake boxes are back at last!

This week's firing had some beautiful Birds Nest casseroles and keepsake boxes, love bird luminaries, white trays, large poppy bowls and a new mushroom box. I will list the mushroom box tomorrow after photographing it- everything else is stocked up. I have a lot of dinnerware orders, which will take halk of each week's kiln load for several weeks so I have a bit less open stock but I'm blessed with great firings so the selection should remain pretty decent.

I'll have more casseroles next week along with large flower bowls and large Urban Rustic handbuilt bowls. 

Yesterday I went to my first NC Clay Club meeting. It was so exciting to meet some of out area's most talented ceramic artists. These creative connections are important and I've missed that from my life recently so I will attend every monthly meeting that I can. I hope you find time to seek out the friendships that nurture your creative soul this week. And time to make something that pleases you.


Birds Nest Casseroles are back

I got a beautiful load of Birds Nest casseroles from the kiln  this week! Also frog lidded vases, 4 c flower bowls and a new turquoise nesting bowl set. Due to large custom orders I have limited in stock work but I'm busy making more. 


In progress: Owl casseroles, large nesting bowl sets, small owl bowls, and planters. 

We painted our bedroom last weekend, bought new bedding, and rearranged the furniture. It's so transformational! The old colors: mauve and beige. The new colors: indigo and white. It feels different to be in the room and I'm even sleeping better. I don't think we pay enough attention to the power of having a living space that truly delights and pleases you. I hope you find some time to create a space, however small, that bathes you in support and beauty.


New pieces, and more of the favorites

If you've been waiting for a Birds Nest casserole or Urban Rustic bowl, you are in luck! I unloaded a beautiful kiln full of casseroles and Urban Rustic bowls. I made a nesting set of Ice Blue nesting bowls for a wedding registry and fell in love with them! It's my new favorite thing. I also added Autumn Harvest bowls and a nesting bowl set in Neon Sea.

I have more flower bowls in stock that will be ready in about a week. I'm also experimenting with large hand built pieces and some fluted vases, so there will be a few new things coming. 

Thanks for all of your purchases for gifts! One of my crazy pleasures is shopping for gift wrap. Luxurious prints in modern graphics are so irresistible!



Hope you find those things that make your day special!


Just in time for Mothers Day!

My kiln load this week has Birds Nest casseroles, an extra large Urban Rustic bowl,a Modern White platter,  and the small Mama and Baby Bird bowls that sold out so quickly last week. I also have Owl keepsake boxes and a new Birds Nest keepsake box- watch for it late on 4/30. 

We are going to the New Orleans Jazz Fest this weekend, and will return on 5/5. I will upgrade to Priority any in stock Mothers Day gifts that are purchased this weekend and will ship by 5/6. 

In progress: nesting bowl sets in medium and large, 4 cup flower bowls, Urban Rustic bowls. I wish you all some moments of laughter and joy.