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2015, first kiln load

I'm back to work and in love with pottery more than ever! Nothing like a break to restore creativity. I'm filling lots of preordered work so there isn't a lot of open stock yet but I'll have more next week.Here are the new pieces available now (click pic to see the listing)


Hope you are staying warm and reading something fun! Welcome 2015.


Selling out fast!

Thanks to all who have purchased your gifts here! Each one is made with mindful attention and care. I have only 1 new listing today (Click to see the listing). There is still a limited but fine selection of casseroles (other than Birds Nest), flower bowls, nesting bowl sets, and ornaments.

In progress are more Birds Nest casseroles, mugs, and Arabesque bowls. If you order those, they will ship in time for US Christmas. All other orders are considered rush orders and I will do my best to ship in time for the 24th or just a few days after. I want your gifts to get there on time just as much as you do!


I hope you savor those small moments of the holidays- baking with friends and family, watching your pet react to your holiday decoration (what do they make of it??), watching your city light up at night, remembering to give to those who have less than we do. It's all a great gift, and sometimes the moments that you can't wrap in a box, that come and go quickly and unexpectedly, contain so much love and joy. Here's to that!


What's here now, what's coming next

Things are selling out quickly- thank you! I'm working long hours to keep things available. Here's pieces from this week's kiln load (click pic to see listing)



In progress this week: Birds Nest casseroles, Arabesque nesting bowl set, Large Arabesque bowl, and lil owl bowls. Anything custom ordered will be ready to ship ASAP. I can get anything except dinnerware made for you in 1-3 weeks. If you want to purchase and are unsure of getting it by the holidays, email me:

I wish all who celebrate Thanksgiving much to be thankful for. May we all enjoy our friends, family, and loved creatures with many happy moments during this holiday season!


New Listings

On election eve, I just listed a large selection of favorites that are back in stock. I'm firing 1-2 kiln loads every week but you know that everything will sell out faster than I can make it during this season. Please get your gifts scooped up while you can! Here are newly listed pieces. Click the pic to go to the listing.




You must know that I'm thrilled with that last bowl! It's one of the prettiest of this year. Hope you find beauty in each day, and spread smiles wherever you go.


Wow! What a kiln load!

I just unloaded a near perfect kiln load! Look at these new pieces, just listed! Click to see the listing page.





Hope you are enjoying this wonderful fall. I'm now posting on Instagram if you'd like to follow my daily walks, work, and style shots.


Fresh from the kiln

A nesting bowl set in Neon Sea, serving set in Modern Lace, and Love Birds luminary in Rust were just added. 



Click to see the listing. In progress are more flowers bowls(all sizes), poppy bowls, and hosta platters. I'm also stocking up on casseroles for the holiday season. If you know you want things for gifts, please order early!

This is my favorite season! The cool evenings have me baking more. We've driven the parkway to watch the leaves change across the mountain vistas. The meadows sing in purples and gold. Hope you get to the Blue Ridge in autumn at least once. It's spectacular.


Poppies, Flower bowls, Nesting Sets, and Leaves

What an awesome firing to open this Labor Day! Click on any image to see the new listing.



As you can see in my last photo, I've been having way too much fun with style shots influenced by land art! Hope you enjoy them! I hope that you have labored prosperously and can take time to relax today. I acknowledge you for the many ways you give of yourself in time and energy for the benefit of those around you, whether paid or not. Everyone's contribution is essential! Or so I believe. 


Beautiful new hosta plates and bowls plus poppy and flower bowls

Ohhh, what a magical kiln load this week! Click on the images to see new pieces now in stock:



In progress are nesting bowl sets, large and medium poppy bowls. I am finishing up several large dinnerware orders this month, so please custom order out of stock works if you can, or watch for new available pieces as they sell quickly. New kiln loads tend to be listed early in the week. Thanks!

I found myself completely absorbed in looking at a spider web today. The geometry that makes it strong and visually pleasing seems so beyond the capacities of a small insect! Where did this complex talent originate? Are there ever spiders who would rather make webs in different shapes? It set my imagination on fire! Hope you take time to look at the details this week! 


New kiln load

I have lots of new pieces this week, including Birds Nest casseroles, a Modern Lace platter, Love Birds luminary in rust, 2 cup flower bowls in summer garden colors, a nesting bowl set.

Click images to see the full listing. 

In progress: More nesting bowl sets, an owl luminary, mama and baby bird bowls, 4 and 8 cup flower bowls, fox casseroles.


Berries are in season here! I've visited a pick-your-own blueberry farm, harvested raspberries and fat blackberries in our back yard garden, and found wild berries on hikes. I've worked on more gluten free recipes, so watch for some soon! Hope you have some time this week to enjoy summer's bounty. Nothing compares to fruit fresh from the vine. I'm taking off today for some hiking and reading in the hammock after working all weekend. Hope you get some of that, too!


Happy Fourth of July!

This made me happy- a brilliant kiln load! Here are pieces just stocked and watch for some brand new listings today and tomorrow! Click any to see listing.