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Introducing Wabi Sabi vases

This is my first 2016 experimental piece that is turning into a series. Wabi Sabi is a Japanese aesthetic that denotes perfect imperfection. The objects are intentionally off center, irregular, and roughly textured. They are quite meditative and intuitive to make. Each one uses negative space wisely, and creates interesting shadows in the textured body. Simple blooms, twigs, and feathers turn into dramatic table sculpture and the variations are endless. Am I rambling? Sorry! I just love them and am excited to explore more this year.

Here are the other New Listings this week.

If you've followed my health saga, you know my surgery was postponed until May 16th, allowing me to complete another last 2 kiln loads. I have very good doctors and expect to be completely fine once I recoup, and am optimistic about having much better health. 

I am not following the ancestral diet, which allows me to lose the weight that has contributed to my health issues. It's easy and delicious, so you may find future recipes here soon!

Thanks so much for following my creative and health journey. It is a great privilege to share my life with you.




All Stocked Up!

As many of you know, I will be having surgery in early May. I have stocked up as best I can for the weeks I can't work. Fortunately, these are from the years BEST kiln load!

Just Listed 




Hope the new growth in nature is inspiring you to plan big, play full out, let new ideas sprout and bloom!


New mug shapes and more!

If you have a passion, it is in your thoughts just below the surface most of the time. That's where this new mug shape incubated and evolved. It's not a drastic departure from my old shape. But I like how the surface provided for glaze flow is longer and sleeker. 

You can check it out with my other new listings here.

Coming next week: poppy bowls, more mugs, noodle bowls. 

Enjoy your spring! Hope the new life bursting forth encourages you to let your inner dreams and wishes emerge!


Just Listed

Here are the newly stocked pieces


I will need to close dinnerware orders again soon, so if you are interested, and can't wait, now's the time. In progress are large flower bowls and Arabesque bowls, plus mugs. I know they've all been out of stock a long time. I'm playing catch up as quickly as I can.

I do hope you enjoy snow just a little bit! I really love it. Our last snow here was so fluffy and came down in giant flakes. Plus, it melted in a few days. That's one thing I enjoy about Asheville. We get all kinds of weather but nothing lasts too long. 


First Restock of 2016!

I hope you aren't all weary of mt sprained ankle whining, but if you are, there is good news. I'm better now, and furiously playing catch up. Here are the new listings:


In progress are noodle bowls, large flower and Arabesque bowls, and mugs.

Hope your new year brings you some quiet time after the holiday parties. I'm reading more on these cold dark evenings, and also working on an Ebook! Stay tuned for details of that. 


Bowls, platters, goblets, casseroles! All just restocked!

Let's get right to it- here's the Just Listed queue 

Thanks to a back to back firing of exceptional pottery, I have some truly spectacular gift choices if you are looking. They will all be shipped for scheduled delivery before Christmas in the continental US.


I will have just 1 more kiln load before the holiday cutoff for shipping, ready on Wed 12/17. It is packed with custom orders so there won't be a lot of open stock. 

Thank you all ever so much for your support and purchases! It is my first holiday season since breaking up with Etsy, and it's been better than ever. I'm very happy, and extremely grateful to you. If you have not yet heard today that you are appreciated, let me be the first. To buy from artisans is to preserve the values of skilled labor, satisfying work, quality products, eco friendly production, and fair wages. Thank you for being a part of the Handmade Movement!



Check out the new pieces!

I had a crazy good morning unloading these spectacular pots! There are some of everything! This is absolutely the best stock I've had all year. By putting dinnerware orders on wait list I've been able to fill up the shelves,

New Listings 


Are you in love with the poppies and leaves, or is it just me?

Watch for a Black Friday Flash Sale, and new cheese boards to be listed in limited quantities on Shop Small Saturday.

Hope you are ready for a wonderful holiday season.  My heart is full, as friends and family are coming. I love setting a table for an epic meal, and then lingering to talk long into the evening. Nothing better than that. 


Get in my stocking!

Here's a little sumpin I have in progress- mini poppy bowls! I want to glaze them in every color and make them available at a super low price for my Instagram followers, and blog readers. They should be ready in about 10 days. They are great as ring holders, dipping sauce bowls, prep bowls, or just cuz.

Hope you have a project that's fun to work on. It makes me so happy to create.


Owls and Bowls

Tonight's restock:

Owl soap dish

Coffee and Lavender Arabesque bowls

poppy bowls

11" D Urban Rustic bowl 


I am in high production mode but will not have a lot of open stock for the holidays. Please order early to get what you really want! I am working on some small poppy bowls for stocking stuffers and some new ornament designs. I love playing and changing things up! Also in production are Arabesque bowls, both nesting and large individual ones. 

It's been warm here lately and that delightful crunch of leaves is underfoot as we walk. But I can't get used to daylight savings time this year! I miss my evening walks! Hope your transitions are bringing you new pleasures, and that you can roll with whatever comes.


Mugs, bowls, casseroles

In tonight's restock:

Joyful Blaze mugs

Green Tea mugs 

poppy bowls 

Owl casserole 

noodle bowls 


In progress are more Arabesque bowls. I know the selection available has been thin, sorry! If there is one you want, please custom order it rather than wait for open stock. 

I can't recall a more brilliant autumn here in Asheville! It's a mood uplifter just to look out the windows. I hope you find beauty in your days, wherever you are. And someone special to enjoy it with. Sometimes I think I am privileged beyond all reasonable expectations just to have my husband's hand as we walk a trail, pointing out a clump of peculiar mushrooms. Or the half hour I get to talk to a wonderful friend. There is so much to savor!