Tonight's restock:

Autumn Song mugs/beer stein

Green Tea mugs

Faceted mugs

Birds Nest casseroles

Owl soap dish

I am firing a double schedule this week, so there will be another restock on Monday, 10/5. There are a few things I've done for creative pleasure coming- carved vases and luminaries, as well as a new, slightly larger, Raven Tray. 

I want to thank all of you who are repeat and returning buyers. You've let me break free of Etsy and I sleep a lot better at night not worrying about what that behemoth is up to! I am working on a new venture as a Shopify designer, starting next year, so if you want help setting up a new shop I will be available,

It's been very rainy here in Asheville lately so I haven't gotten as much hiking in as I would like. I hope to be outside in the glorious fall soon! I hope you find some good cozy time this week. Rumi, my kitten, is curled on my chest as I type. Cats and young kids know how to handle cool weather! Let's take that cue and stay warm in luxurious longing! If no one has told you yet today, let me: you are a blessing in more ways, and to more people, than you will ever know.

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Lee Wolfe