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restocking tonight!

Here are the new pieces I'm adding. As most of my work is now preordered I have limited open stock but tonight's pieces are really fine! There are 4 new bowls in Coffee and Lavender, all different sizes.


And 2 Turquoise Sunrise bowls


and 2 new tree vases


Hope you find something you like! 

We've had snow here in Asheville at last! It's so pretty that I don't mind the shoveling... well, I should say I don't mind showing up at the end once Ken and our neighbor have done most of it, and giving a good 20 minutes of hard labor. Enjoy the last winter days! Spring is just a blink away.


Poppies, Flower bowls, Nesting Sets, and Leaves

What an awesome firing to open this Labor Day! Click on any image to see the new listing.



As you can see in my last photo, I've been having way too much fun with style shots influenced by land art! Hope you enjoy them! I hope that you have labored prosperously and can take time to relax today. I acknowledge you for the many ways you give of yourself in time and energy for the benefit of those around you, whether paid or not. Everyone's contribution is essential! Or so I believe. 


Beautiful new hosta plates and bowls plus poppy and flower bowls

Ohhh, what a magical kiln load this week! Click on the images to see new pieces now in stock:



In progress are nesting bowl sets, large and medium poppy bowls. I am finishing up several large dinnerware orders this month, so please custom order out of stock works if you can, or watch for new available pieces as they sell quickly. New kiln loads tend to be listed early in the week. Thanks!

I found myself completely absorbed in looking at a spider web today. The geometry that makes it strong and visually pleasing seems so beyond the capacities of a small insect! Where did this complex talent originate? Are there ever spiders who would rather make webs in different shapes? It set my imagination on fire! Hope you take time to look at the details this week! 


New kiln load

I have lots of new pieces this week, including Birds Nest casseroles, a Modern Lace platter, Love Birds luminary in rust, 2 cup flower bowls in summer garden colors, a nesting bowl set.

Click images to see the full listing. 

In progress: More nesting bowl sets, an owl luminary, mama and baby bird bowls, 4 and 8 cup flower bowls, fox casseroles.


Berries are in season here! I've visited a pick-your-own blueberry farm, harvested raspberries and fat blackberries in our back yard garden, and found wild berries on hikes. I've worked on more gluten free recipes, so watch for some soon! Hope you have some time this week to enjoy summer's bounty. Nothing compares to fruit fresh from the vine. I'm taking off today for some hiking and reading in the hammock after working all weekend. Hope you get some of that, too!


Happy Fourth of July!

This made me happy- a brilliant kiln load! Here are pieces just stocked and watch for some brand new listings today and tomorrow! Click any to see listing.



large flower bowls, poppy bowls, large rustic bowl, minimalist flower, and a mushroom box

What a great kiln load! Click to check out these pieces now in stock:



And here is a new Urban Rustic bowl, The Language of Waterfalls

Still working on those large orders! Thanks! In progress: smaller flower bowls, casseroles, and mugs.

Watch for my Saturday sale announcement, or come here to snag a bargain Sat 11am EST.

Hope you find a cool breeze and a good book this week! Plus time to relax and enjoy it.


New in 2014- value priced pieces now available

As most of you know, I sell prototypes and experimental pieces on Etsy (as OneClayBead). Since they may not be repeated and most still need a bit of tweaking, I price them on the low side. Some of those designs have evolved into great pieces with high sales so these will begin to show up here, still value priced until I know I can repeat them consistently and/or have a full line of similar pieces. Enjoy!


more in the next few days and weeks- check out the New in 2014 collection here

I also just stocked more faceted mugs, large flower bowls, and 2 cup flower bowls:


In progress: more 1 cup poppy bowls, flower and tray sets, a redesigned minimalist flower dipping sauce bowl, and nesting bowl sets.


new vases and bowls

I've worked on this tall faceted vase shape for 3 years and finally got the shape and proportions that I've been after. It's just right for long stemmed blooms from the florist or garden. I also made a few minimalist tree vases, which are amazing with just a few blooms.


This kiln load also produced some gorgeous large flower bowls:


I also unloaded a few nesting bowl sets, in River Journey and Organic Soul. Here is one:


In progress: dinnerware, organic shaped trays, Mama and Baby bird bowls for Mother's Day.

Hope the warm spring breezes lift your spirits and carry you to those magical moments of wonder and full out  laughter.


small nesting bowl sets, 8 cup flower bowls, Raised in Love sculpture

I'm finishing up some large orders so I have 2 kiln firings this week, with only a bit of open stock. Fortunately it is firing beautifully! Here are the new pieces:


In progress: vases, more nesting bowl sets, small owl bowls. 

We have hawks nesting in a tall tree outside the dining room windows. It makes me smile to watch their majestic flight. I hope you find some signs of spring that let your spirits soar into delight.


Cranberry Ginger Relish

This is my favorite cranberry dish, and can be used as topping over angel food cake, French toast, with cheese on crackers, and is a MUST on turkey sandwiches the day after Thanksgiving. It's not hard to make either. Try it! 

Cranberry Ginger Relish

1 12 oz bag fresh cranberries

1 1/2 cups fresh orange juice

1 cup sugar

2 T peeled fresh ginger root, finely chopped.


All this goes in a saucepan over high heat. Stir until it comes to a boil, then reduce heat to medium low and simmer, stirring regularly. It will take around 20 minutes to thicken. Sauce should pour slowly off of a spoon. It won't be as thick as jelly, more like a milkshake. I took a pic to let you see it when its ready to take off the stove.

Transfer relish to 4 cup bowl and chill. You can make it 2 weeks ahead or the night before. The relish looks amazing in my 4 cup flower bowls! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the cooking, serving, and talking as much as the eating.