This week's firing had some beautiful Birds Nest casseroles and keepsake boxes, love bird luminaries, white trays, large poppy bowls and a new mushroom box. I will list the mushroom box tomorrow after photographing it- everything else is stocked up. I have a lot of dinnerware orders, which will take halk of each week's kiln load for several weeks so I have a bit less open stock but I'm blessed with great firings so the selection should remain pretty decent.

I'll have more casseroles next week along with large flower bowls and large Urban Rustic handbuilt bowls. 

Yesterday I went to my first NC Clay Club meeting. It was so exciting to meet some of out area's most talented ceramic artists. These creative connections are important and I've missed that from my life recently so I will attend every monthly meeting that I can. I hope you find time to seek out the friendships that nurture your creative soul this week. And time to make something that pleases you.

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