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Mugs, bowls, casseroles

In tonight's restock:

Joyful Blaze mugs

Green Tea mugs 

poppy bowls 

Owl casserole 

noodle bowls 


In progress are more Arabesque bowls. I know the selection available has been thin, sorry! If there is one you want, please custom order it rather than wait for open stock. 

I can't recall a more brilliant autumn here in Asheville! It's a mood uplifter just to look out the windows. I hope you find beauty in your days, wherever you are. And someone special to enjoy it with. Sometimes I think I am privileged beyond all reasonable expectations just to have my husband's hand as we walk a trail, pointing out a clump of peculiar mushrooms. Or the half hour I get to talk to a wonderful friend. There is so much to savor!  



Nesting bowl sets, trays, and mugs!

Here are the new listings (click to see the one you want)

nesting bowl set in Dusk (size small)

nesting bowl set in Chocolate Sorbet (size large)

White modern serving platter

Hosta leaf plates

Joyful Blaze mugs

Enjoy! Next week I will have more Arabesque bowls. My summer orders are unrecedented- thank you everyone! I'm now performing in the top 95% of Shopify shops! Yayyyy! But that means you must order early or snag pieces when available. I like working as a studio solo artisan and won't hire a crew of elves to crank out more pots. (Although I do have assistance in packing, cleaning, and occasionally glazing).


New Pieces

New this week: the Owl Casserole in Rust! I have a few beauties from the new kiln load. Click the pic to view listing


I also have poppy bowls in Red, Ice Blue, and Orange

A Sunday Coffee 8 cup flower bowl

Everything else in this kiln load was custom ordered. Thank you! Orders will get packed and shipped tomorrow. In progress: more poppy bowls, nesting bowl sets, and an Urban Rustic nesting bowl set. There should be ready to list in 4 days, as I'm doing 2 loads this week.

Hope you have books to read on long summer days, and a trail somewhere to explore. And some fresh summer garden bounty, either homegrown or from a farmer's market. Smiles!


Yes, I've been busy!

Here are the new pieces! Click to see the listing:

4 cup flower bowl in Turquoise

Beach Cottage Arabesque bowls- nesting bowl set

8 cup flower bowl in Turquoise Sunrise

lg Urban Rustic bowl in River Journey see pic

1 cup poppy bowls- red and turquoise

4 cup poppy bowl in turquoise


I've suffered through a long illness and death of my cat, Wally- many knew her through Instagram. I've gotten a bit behind in orders, and also received more orders than usual for this time of year. Please bear with me! I've doubled my weekly production until everything is caught up. Thank you all for your patience.


Restock tonight!

Hello friends! I've been working primarily on custom orders so there isn't a lot of open stock. I've added some flower bowls and noodle bowls, and 2 brand new pieces. Click each to see the listing.


I will be adding more over the next few days. My very old and dear cat died this weekend and I am running on empty until the grief passes. Please bear with me as I bounce back. Hug your pets and enjoy them every minute! They are such a joyful presence in our lives.


New noodle bowl and flower bowls

They have been selling out within hours, which makes e happy! Here's a new noodle bowl, just listed. And a few new flower bowls. Click the pic to see the listing


I'm glazing again, so I will restock Monday 3/30. Enjoy your weekend!


Big pieces!

I'm listing some large bowls in Urban Rustic and Arabesque from the new kiln load today. They are primo! Click the pic to see the listing. Watch Monday for brand new listings. I have mugs to go with my handbuilt dinnerware now. I'm also beginning to migrate listing formerly only on Etsy. It's time to slowly exit the behemoth that no longer supports me as a solo artisan well. I do have a measure of sadness about that and will be blogging my blues away in the weeks to come, so if you like drama, stay tuned!



Happy spring everyone! Hope you can plan a day trip to see new life emerging again.


Birds Nest casseroles now in stock

I have a limited number of Birds Nest casseroles available now. The rest of this week's glaze load was pre sold, and will ship Thurs-Fri this week. Some gorgeous pieces going out! My next kiln load will be in around 5 days, as I'm working to get your orders done. Here is the link to those casseroles (click the pic)


I will be selling some prototypes and seconds again starting Feb 4th at 7 pm EST. You can check here for news and follow me on Instagram to see a preview:

Have a week of adventures and smiles!



2015, first kiln load

I'm back to work and in love with pottery more than ever! Nothing like a break to restore creativity. I'm filling lots of preordered work so there isn't a lot of open stock yet but I'll have more next week.Here are the new pieces available now (click pic to see the listing)


Hope you are staying warm and reading something fun! Welcome 2015.


What's here now, what's coming next

Things are selling out quickly- thank you! I'm working long hours to keep things available. Here's pieces from this week's kiln load (click pic to see listing)



In progress this week: Birds Nest casseroles, Arabesque nesting bowl set, Large Arabesque bowl, and lil owl bowls. Anything custom ordered will be ready to ship ASAP. I can get anything except dinnerware made for you in 1-3 weeks. If you want to purchase and are unsure of getting it by the holidays, email me:

I wish all who celebrate Thanksgiving much to be thankful for. May we all enjoy our friends, family, and loved creatures with many happy moments during this holiday season!