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When The Product is the Brand

Here's something Google got right. When Douglas Edwards was hired as head of marketing, he was given a paltry budget. and strict limitations on what he could do to build the budding search engine's market share.  He was told by Sergey Brin,  Google co-founder, that money would primarily be spent on developing the best search engine available, and that if Google wasn't the best, it didn't deserve to have the most users. The product is the brand.
So let me backtrack a bit. I know this anecdote because I listen to... okay, I devour- audiobooks in my studio. I have very eclectic tastes but generally love biographies and memoirs of just about anyone. So I purchased I'm Feeling Lucky. I got more than expected. Sergey's philosophy on marketing, his pride in his product, his ability to innovate, his yearning towards mastery of his craft all match my own. Who knew. 
Makers today are swamped by marketeers with rosy promises. In their worldview, the best SEO, the best Facebook ad campaign, the slickest website, the one who Understands The Ideal Client wins. In fact, should win. They know the game and will teach you to play it, or play it for you, for a price. 
And sadly, sometimes that might work, but more often it doesn't . In my world, the world of makers, and people who buy and treasure fine artisan goods, being really good at what you do, being innovative, making things with integrity matter.
On this path, you don't need a marketing course or coach. You only need to make something so good that people want to buy it, without being tricked into it. You can grow your skills at photography, product descriptions, social media posting, but all of that is secondary. 
If you are one of my buyers reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart! You make it possible for my work to be one of the rare places where I can fully just be myself. It's a privilege! If you are a maker reading this, please allow yourself to grow as an artist and designer continuously. Express yourself in what you make. And if you don't know what that means, dare to find out.