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2015, first kiln load

I'm back to work and in love with pottery more than ever! Nothing like a break to restore creativity. I'm filling lots of preordered work so there isn't a lot of open stock yet but I'll have more next week.Here are the new pieces available now (click pic to see the listing)


Hope you are staying warm and reading something fun! Welcome 2015.


Poppies, Flower bowls, Nesting Sets, and Leaves

What an awesome firing to open this Labor Day! Click on any image to see the new listing.



As you can see in my last photo, I've been having way too much fun with style shots influenced by land art! Hope you enjoy them! I hope that you have labored prosperously and can take time to relax today. I acknowledge you for the many ways you give of yourself in time and energy for the benefit of those around you, whether paid or not. Everyone's contribution is essential! Or so I believe. 


new nesting bowl sets in stock now

I have 4 new nesting bowl sets in stock now! Click the photos to see the listing



I have been so creative lately! I wake up eager to get in the studio and open each kiln load with anticipation. Look for a few new designs soon. I will have some prototypes in tomorrow's Saturday Sale, and by next week I can list pieces with whole new glaze combinations.

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter, leisure, and a bit of personal luxury. Set a pretty table, savor something fresh, linger to watch a the sun set. It costs nothing to enjoy this life we were given. How strange that we work so hard to reach our goals and easily forget to enjoy the journey!



New works! and a Saturday sale 5/10

New platters and an Arabesque nesting bowl set are my new works this week.


At 11 am EST you can save big on experimental pieces and prototypes from my studio. Saturday Sale is open now:


new vases and bowls

I've worked on this tall faceted vase shape for 3 years and finally got the shape and proportions that I've been after. It's just right for long stemmed blooms from the florist or garden. I also made a few minimalist tree vases, which are amazing with just a few blooms.


This kiln load also produced some gorgeous large flower bowls:


I also unloaded a few nesting bowl sets, in River Journey and Organic Soul. Here is one:


In progress: dinnerware, organic shaped trays, Mama and Baby bird bowls for Mother's Day.

Hope the warm spring breezes lift your spirits and carry you to those magical moments of wonder and full out  laughter.


small nesting bowl sets, 8 cup flower bowls, Raised in Love sculpture

I'm finishing up some large orders so I have 2 kiln firings this week, with only a bit of open stock. Fortunately it is firing beautifully! Here are the new pieces:


In progress: vases, more nesting bowl sets, small owl bowls. 

We have hawks nesting in a tall tree outside the dining room windows. It makes me smile to watch their majestic flight. I hope you find some signs of spring that let your spirits soar into delight.


New nesting bowl sets

 Nesting bowl sets sold out last week, so it is a good thing that I had a kiln load of new ones in progress! There are 2 new  sets:


River Journey

Farmhouse Morning.

I also listed a gorgeous new Urban Rustic bowl, and poppy bowls in every glaze. Hope you enjoy looking! In progress are more keepsake boxes, Mama and Baby Bird bowls, rustic trays and mugs. 

Hope our week includes much fun and creativity!


kiln load of awesomeness!

 Back from Jazz Fest, I went straight to work and got a very fine load of nesting bowl sets, flower bowls, red poppy bowls, large Urban Rustic bowls, and Birds Nest casseroles. We also had 17 orders to pack and ship. Phew!  Ken used an extra vacation day from his job so we could get them all sent for Mothers Day. It was so worth it. We danced and ate all the gumbo, po'boys, crawfish, oysters and beignets we could hold. There is no friendlier place than New Orleans. We heard many heart rending stories of Katrina contrasted with the exuberant pride that the city is recovering. 

I will have another kiln load mid week next week. Look for more nesting bowl sets, large and small Urban Rustic bowls, and owl bowls.

I hope all the moms feel loved and honored this Sunday. Happy Mothers Day!


New kiln load

 Just unloaded some very fine pieces!Look for new Autumn Song flower bowls, Organic Soul nesting bowl set, and Leaf and Flower sets. I am very excited about my new wedding goblets and cake toppers. I'm styling and shooting them today so they will be available soon.

We had a dusting of snow this weekend, just enough to make a magical white aura around everything. We now know who is beheading the daffodils! There was a telltale path of rabbit tracks in the garden. Fortunately we have an abundance of daffies.

Hope your March brings days with wonder and delight.


ready to ship now!

Birds Nest casseroles, poppy bowls, small Owl bowls, Love Birds luminaries in rust, and a beautiful large nesting bowl set in Chocolate Sorbet and Turquoise are now ready to ship. This is my last kiln load that can be ready to ship before Christmas. Sales this year have exceeded all expectations- thanks to all who have pinned, tweeted, shared, blogged about, and purchased my work. You bless my life immeasurably. 

My husband and I are looking forward to a mini vaca and stay-ca in the next week. We will head over to Hot Springs for a soak in the natural mineral baths, some rejuvenating spa treatments, hiking, and a few nights out in downtown Asheville. I love it that we don't have to go far from home to find anything we might enjoy. There is always something to please right here.

I also like access to my studio. I have more than a few new designs in mind for 2013! I hope you have some fun today, wherever you are. Let your hearts be light.