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New in 2014- value priced pieces now available

As most of you know, I sell prototypes and experimental pieces on Etsy (as OneClayBead). Since they may not be repeated and most still need a bit of tweaking, I price them on the low side. Some of those designs have evolved into great pieces with high sales so these will begin to show up here, still value priced until I know I can repeat them consistently and/or have a full line of similar pieces. Enjoy!


more in the next few days and weeks- check out the New in 2014 collection here

I also just stocked more faceted mugs, large flower bowls, and 2 cup flower bowls:


In progress: more 1 cup poppy bowls, flower and tray sets, a redesigned minimalist flower dipping sauce bowl, and nesting bowl sets.


new vases and bowls

I've worked on this tall faceted vase shape for 3 years and finally got the shape and proportions that I've been after. It's just right for long stemmed blooms from the florist or garden. I also made a few minimalist tree vases, which are amazing with just a few blooms.


This kiln load also produced some gorgeous large flower bowls:


I also unloaded a few nesting bowl sets, in River Journey and Organic Soul. Here is one:


In progress: dinnerware, organic shaped trays, Mama and Baby bird bowls for Mother's Day.

Hope the warm spring breezes lift your spirits and carry you to those magical moments of wonder and full out  laughter.


New kiln load! Pretty awesome this time

Lots of new pieces from this Good Friday kiln load! Look for:


I also have one new vase to list that needs to be photographed, so look for it tomorrow. In progress: more new vase designs, casseroles, flower bowls in all shapes, and mugs. Happy Pesach, Easter, and spring! Hope you find new growth in all the ways you've longed for.


Urban Rustic bowls, casseroles, and vases

Today's kiln load has Birds Nest casseroles, large and small Urban Rustic bowls, and frog lidded vases and a gorgeous spiral vase set. 

Dinnerware orders will begin shipping next week. Thanks for your patience! The pieces are absolutely gorgeous.

We had company and parties all weekend and it took me a few days to get back into my work rhythm. I am a classic introvert and loves people but need my reflective time alone to recharge. Finding a nice balance keeps my life full. Hope you find time for all the many things and people you love this week!


vases, flower bowls, wedding cake toppers and platters back in stock

I'm so happy with my experiments from this week's kiln! My Modern Lace series is so much fun to explore. I've often made 20+ pieces before creating something worth glazing, and several glaze tests before I arrive at something for this website. The 5" Textured Facet vases were in development for 3 months, and my first ones are finally listed this week. I also have another Penguin wedding cake topper- last week's sets sold out. 

I have casseroles and more flower bowls in production. I will have less ready-to-ship pieces for the next month due to large dinnerware orders,but you can still custom order whatever you want, and check back on Sundays and Mondays when most new kiln loads are available.

Hope you find a cool drink and an afternoon to read on a hot summer day.