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Get in my stocking!

Here's a little sumpin I have in progress- mini poppy bowls! I want to glaze them in every color and make them available at a super low price for my Instagram followers, and blog readers. They should be ready in about 10 days. They are great as ring holders, dipping sauce bowls, prep bowls, or just cuz.

Hope you have a project that's fun to work on. It makes me so happy to create.


Poppies, Flower bowls, Nesting Sets, and Leaves

What an awesome firing to open this Labor Day! Click on any image to see the new listing.



As you can see in my last photo, I've been having way too much fun with style shots influenced by land art! Hope you enjoy them! I hope that you have labored prosperously and can take time to relax today. I acknowledge you for the many ways you give of yourself in time and energy for the benefit of those around you, whether paid or not. Everyone's contribution is essential! Or so I believe. 


Beautiful new hosta plates and bowls plus poppy and flower bowls

Ohhh, what a magical kiln load this week! Click on the images to see new pieces now in stock:



In progress are nesting bowl sets, large and medium poppy bowls. I am finishing up several large dinnerware orders this month, so please custom order out of stock works if you can, or watch for new available pieces as they sell quickly. New kiln loads tend to be listed early in the week. Thanks!

I found myself completely absorbed in looking at a spider web today. The geometry that makes it strong and visually pleasing seems so beyond the capacities of a small insect! Where did this complex talent originate? Are there ever spiders who would rather make webs in different shapes? It set my imagination on fire! Hope you take time to look at the details this week! 


Happy Fourth of July!

This made me happy- a brilliant kiln load! Here are pieces just stocked and watch for some brand new listings today and tomorrow! Click any to see listing.



What's New

One of my favorite things is opening a kiln, removing each warm vessel gingerly, turning it to see every angle, holding it by the sunlit window to check for hairline cracks or small glaze flaws. On a really good day, there are few pieces with issues. On a freaking fantastic day, there are pieces so spectacular that I drink my morning coffee and just look at them for awhile. This morning was a day like that. Here are pieces that have been restocked; click on the image to go to the listing page:



Look for some new pieces tomorrow too! I have a large hand built bowl and platter that I can list when I get the photos ready.

Hope you get to make something today! If you don't have a project maybe you can just make someone smile. That's another of my favorite things.


the Red Poppy Platter

I just unloaded one spectacular kiln load! Although most of it was preordered, the extra pieces are now listed as in stock now.But first I must tell you what happened! After unloading the kiln I chose the red poppy platter to photograph and highlight on Facebook. As I was walking with it from studio to house, I saw this huge, and by that I mean GINORMOUS red poppy blooming in the garden. It wasn't even starting to open yesterday, and it is 3X as large as last year's poppies. Whenever these seemingly random synchronicities occur I look for a message or meaning. And yes, the rational part of my brain scoffs. But the artist in me enjoys the mystery and awe of this and so the rational allows it because the artist does make the money after all.

My red platter is oversized. The new red bloom has that quality too. And so I allow myself to believe that something much larger than I have expected is about to happen. Given the symbolism of red poppies, which is happiness and the energy to fulfill one's dreams, I like to think that something along these lines is eminent. Rational Mind: "If it makes her happy and keeps her from playing those depressing Leonard Cohen songs all day, I'm down with this belief." Artist Soul: "I know just what this means. Thank you!"

Here are my 2 poppies (the platter is available here):




large flower bowls, poppy bowls, large rustic bowl, minimalist flower, and a mushroom box

What a great kiln load! Click to check out these pieces now in stock:



And here is a new Urban Rustic bowl, The Language of Waterfalls

Still working on those large orders! Thanks! In progress: smaller flower bowls, casseroles, and mugs.

Watch for my Saturday sale announcement, or come here to snag a bargain Sat 11am EST.

Hope you find a cool breeze and a good book this week! Plus time to relax and enjoy it.


New kiln load! Pretty awesome this time

Lots of new pieces from this Good Friday kiln load! Look for:


I also have one new vase to list that needs to be photographed, so look for it tomorrow. In progress: more new vase designs, casseroles, flower bowls in all shapes, and mugs. Happy Pesach, Easter, and spring! Hope you find new growth in all the ways you've longed for.


New Urban Rustic bowls, nesting bowls, poppy bowls, birds nest box

Had a gorgeous kiln firing, and another unloading tomorrow! Here is some newness:


I've been experimenting lots lately. It's as if the images of my European road trip this February have been waiting for the right time to burst forth as new designs! So much fun to be in the flow of new ideas, new forms, new glazes.


mugs,poppy bowls,love bird luminary,owl soap dish

Phew! Another phenomenal firing! Pieces in the title are now in stock and ready to ship. I have Birds Nest casseroles, large flower bowls, and goblets in progress. Everything else is preordered. I will restock this Tues, Dec 17th. Casseroles sold on Tues will make it by Christmas to the south and east coast; west coast will need to be upgraded to Priority or arrive just a few days after the 25th. At this time of year I am upgrading your shipping automatically if its only a few dollars more, without charge to you. I want your gifts to make someone happy.

Wishing you peace and joy.