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the Red Poppy Platter

Posted May 23, 2014 in kiln firing, lee wolfe pottery, poppy bowls

I just unloaded one spectacular kiln load! Although most of it was preordered, the extra pieces are now listed as in stock now.But first I must tell you what happened! After unloading the kiln I chose the red poppy platter to photograph and highlight on Facebook. As I was walking with it from studio to house, I saw this huge, and by that I mean GINORMOUS red poppy blooming in the garden. It wasn't even starting to open yesterday, and it is 3X as large as last year's poppies. Whenever these seemingly random synchronicities occur I look for a message or meaning. And yes, the rational part of my brain scoffs. But the artist in me enjoys the mystery and awe of this and so the rational allows it because the artist does make the money after all.

My red platter is oversized. The new red bloom has that quality too. And so I allow myself to believe that something much larger than I have expected is about to happen. Given the symbolism of red poppies, which is happiness and the energy to fulfill one's dreams, I like to think that something along these lines is eminent. Rational Mind: "If it makes her happy and keeps her from playing those depressing Leonard Cohen songs all day, I'm down with this belief." Artist Soul: "I know just what this means. Thank you!"

Here are my 2 poppies (the platter is available here):



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