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Penguin wedding cake toppers are back!

I wish you could see them in person- these are my best Penguin Wedding Cake Toppers ever. Also from this week's kiln load: red poppy bowls, Raised in Love sculpture, nesting bowl sets, Birds Nest keepsake box and new faceted vases in 3 shapes. Watch for them this week as I get them photographed and listed.

I have flower bowls, even more nesting bowls, casseroles and Modern Lace trays in progress. I'm also testing new glazes and have some exciting results. You will see some on the new vases this week. 

Berries are beginning to ripen here now, and my favorite farmer's market is brimming with local produce. The days are hot but Asheville evenings bring a welcome breeze. I've been working mornings, taking a break in the afternoon, and then working early evenings. Its nice being able to work in a rhythm that feels right. 

Hope you try something new this summer and let your natural creative instincts bloom.







Now in Stock!

 Gorgeous!!! 2 cup flower bowls, Autumn Harvest flower bowls, Turquoise Sunrise flower bowls, Raised In Love sculpture, poppy bowls, raven trays. I will soon be listing 2 new dinnerware sets- very happy with them after many tests. I have a 3rd set almost tweaked.

In progress are nesting bowl sets, Urban Rustic bowls, Modern Lace trays, and a few surprises.

Happy holy days, Passover, Easter, Solstice, or the joy of a new season, however you celebrate I hope it is with a happy heart and mind full of wonder.


Casseroles and poppy bowls

 My most popular pieces are now in stock- Birds Nest casseroles, Owl casseroles, and poppy bowls. As soon as I get them photographed you will see a new casserole, hand built trays and flower bowls. I have my first 2013 dinnerware set ready, too. As always, if what you want is sold out, email me and I will list a preorder for you to purchase and get some started.

We have some family activities this weekend, so my next kiln load will be a bit later than usual. I will have more flower bowls and hopefully 2 more dinnerware sets.

I got 3 pages of links for "cheap flights" and other crazy spam as comments, so  closed comments, sorry! You can post on my Facebook wall if you like, though

Hope your garden is starting to bloom!


ready to ship now!

Birds Nest casseroles, poppy bowls, small Owl bowls, Love Birds luminaries in rust, and a beautiful large nesting bowl set in Chocolate Sorbet and Turquoise are now ready to ship. This is my last kiln load that can be ready to ship before Christmas. Sales this year have exceeded all expectations- thanks to all who have pinned, tweeted, shared, blogged about, and purchased my work. You bless my life immeasurably. 

My husband and I are looking forward to a mini vaca and stay-ca in the next week. We will head over to Hot Springs for a soak in the natural mineral baths, some rejuvenating spa treatments, hiking, and a few nights out in downtown Asheville. I love it that we don't have to go far from home to find anything we might enjoy. There is always something to please right here.

I also like access to my studio. I have more than a few new designs in mind for 2013! I hope you have some fun today, wherever you are. Let your hearts be light.


Poppy Bowls! and more 11/24

 This last kiln load was spectacular! I have been working on a poppy bowl for several months and finally got it right!

I also got 3 large lanterns from my firing that are some of the best pieces I've made in a decade. Watch for them soon. I need to photograph them carefully.

In this load were also ornaments and flower bowls. I have casseroles, nesting bowl sets, and more flower bowls in progress. Today was exceptionally warm here. We walked through the silent woods under a gray sky. I love the dried shapes of November flower heads which are now brittle brown seeds. They are like hopes and dreams looking for a moist place to hunker down for the winter. 

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend brings love and laughter. Lee