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New kiln load

I have lots of new pieces this week, including Birds Nest casseroles, a Modern Lace platter, Love Birds luminary in rust, 2 cup flower bowls in summer garden colors, a nesting bowl set.

Click images to see the full listing. 

In progress: More nesting bowl sets, an owl luminary, mama and baby bird bowls, 4 and 8 cup flower bowls, fox casseroles.


Berries are in season here! I've visited a pick-your-own blueberry farm, harvested raspberries and fat blackberries in our back yard garden, and found wild berries on hikes. I've worked on more gluten free recipes, so watch for some soon! Hope you have some time this week to enjoy summer's bounty. Nothing compares to fruit fresh from the vine. I'm taking off today for some hiking and reading in the hammock after working all weekend. Hope you get some of that, too!


Penguin wedding cake toppers are back!

I wish you could see them in person- these are my best Penguin Wedding Cake Toppers ever. Also from this week's kiln load: red poppy bowls, Raised in Love sculpture, nesting bowl sets, Birds Nest keepsake box and new faceted vases in 3 shapes. Watch for them this week as I get them photographed and listed.

I have flower bowls, even more nesting bowls, casseroles and Modern Lace trays in progress. I'm also testing new glazes and have some exciting results. You will see some on the new vases this week. 

Berries are beginning to ripen here now, and my favorite farmer's market is brimming with local produce. The days are hot but Asheville evenings bring a welcome breeze. I've been working mornings, taking a break in the afternoon, and then working early evenings. Its nice being able to work in a rhythm that feels right. 

Hope you try something new this summer and let your natural creative instincts bloom.







just listed!

 I unloaded a brilliant kiln load with Birds Nest casseroles, Mama and Baby Bird bowls, 4 cup flower bowls, and goblets. If your mom has the sentimental gene, consider one of the Mama and Baby Bird pieces, either as a Family Bowl, small bowl, or keepsake box. Then sit down with her and look through old photos. Some of the sweetest moments of life live in those early memories! 

I dug out my scrapbooks with Marci this morning with the intention to use one to show the scale of the small bowls. I spent the next hour lost in each one, remembering the adorable little outfits, the cuddled up together times, and the days when I wore size 8. I'm sure there were bad moments, but since these aren't in the scrapbooks, I've forgotten all about them, which is one of the very few advantages of getting old.

Here is one of the photos I used:


10/27- Birds Nest casseroles, large flower bowls, mugs

My new kiln load had spectacular Birds Nest casseroles, Autumn Song flower bowls, and Joyful Blaze mugs. I have more faceted mugs, small owl bowls and keepsake boxes in progress.

Happy Halloween! Hope the magic brings you fun and smiles.


Nesting bowls, textured vine bowls, Owl bowls and new works just listed

 Great kiln load this week! I have nesting bowl sets and lots of little owl bowls. Look for a new nesting bowl set in a smaller size by afternoon, 6/7. Also watch for textured vine bowls in gorgeous new colors.

Also introducing the Family Bowl. You can customize this with any number of adult and baby birds for your family, and I will have it ready to ship in only 2 weeks. What a unique gift for weddings (2 birds), weddings with existing children, new baby, grandparents or your parents!

Raised in Love is a new little sculptural piece that I designed when my daughter left for college. It depicts that paradoxical feeling of joy that your little bird can fly and the pain as if your heart has cracked open, symbolized by the heart shaped egg. It is a sweet reminder to your grown children that they were raised in love.

Next week, look for more nesting bowl sets, birds nest casseroles, goblet sets, large hand built bowls and a few surprises!


Now in Stock!

 I had a great kiln firing this week. Now in stock are a Pea pod casserole, Love Birds keepsake box, 2 Owls keepsake box, Daddy and Baby Owl keepsake box, and both large flower bowls. New pieces will be photographed and listed this week, so check back. Thanks for your interest! Happy Memorial Day weekend, hope you have some fun.


Restocking soon- 4/28 kiln load


These will both be back in stock by tomorrow morning, Sunday 4/28/12. I will also have some large flower bowls that have been popular in my Etsy shop, so check back for first dibs!


Sunday, sales and ceramic bird gifts


These were today's sales, which get printed out and sorted onto my dining room table. It sure looks like we are in wedding season, with the love birds, owl pairs, and goblet sets selling quickly.

Each piece over $30 gets one of the bird bowls that just came out of the kiln. I really enjoy making these, each with its own texture. If you want one, it is complementary with the first 100 sales from the new website. 

Even though I worked most of today, we took a break to play some badminton and enjoy the garden. I watched my cat stalk something inside the hosta leaves. Her belly crouched low. She became so still that it was a kind of invisibility. Inside my fat spoiled housecat who purrs when you brush her lives the soul of an African lioness.