Great kiln load this week! I have nesting bowl sets and lots of little owl bowls. Look for a new nesting bowl set in a smaller size by afternoon, 6/7. Also watch for textured vine bowls in gorgeous new colors.

Also introducing the Family Bowl. You can customize this with any number of adult and baby birds for your family, and I will have it ready to ship in only 2 weeks. What a unique gift for weddings (2 birds), weddings with existing children, new baby, grandparents or your parents!

Raised in Love is a new little sculptural piece that I designed when my daughter left for college. It depicts that paradoxical feeling of joy that your little bird can fly and the pain as if your heart has cracked open, symbolized by the heart shaped egg. It is a sweet reminder to your grown children that they were raised in love.

Next week, look for more nesting bowl sets, birds nest casseroles, goblet sets, large hand built bowls and a few surprises!

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