Back from Jazz Fest, I went straight to work and got a very fine load of nesting bowl sets, flower bowls, red poppy bowls, large Urban Rustic bowls, and Birds Nest casseroles. We also had 17 orders to pack and ship. Phew!  Ken used an extra vacation day from his job so we could get them all sent for Mothers Day. It was so worth it. We danced and ate all the gumbo, po'boys, crawfish, oysters and beignets we could hold. There is no friendlier place than New Orleans. We heard many heart rending stories of Katrina contrasted with the exuberant pride that the city is recovering. 

I will have another kiln load mid week next week. Look for more nesting bowl sets, large and small Urban Rustic bowls, and owl bowls.

I hope all the moms feel loved and honored this Sunday. Happy Mothers Day!

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