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Mugs, bowls, casseroles

Posted October 28, 2015 in kiln firing, works in progress

In tonight's restock:

Joyful Blaze mugs

Green Tea mugs 

poppy bowls 

Owl casserole 

noodle bowls 


In progress are more Arabesque bowls. I know the selection available has been thin, sorry! If there is one you want, please custom order it rather than wait for open stock. 

I can't recall a more brilliant autumn here in Asheville! It's a mood uplifter just to look out the windows. I hope you find beauty in your days, wherever you are. And someone special to enjoy it with. Sometimes I think I am privileged beyond all reasonable expectations just to have my husband's hand as we walk a trail, pointing out a clump of peculiar mushrooms. Or the half hour I get to talk to a wonderful friend. There is so much to savor!  


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