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Birds Nest Casseroles are back

I got a beautiful load of Birds Nest casseroles from the kiln  this week! Also frog lidded vases, 4 c flower bowls and a new turquoise nesting bowl set. Due to large custom orders I have limited in stock work but I'm busy making more. 


In progress: Owl casseroles, large nesting bowl sets, small owl bowls, and planters. 

We painted our bedroom last weekend, bought new bedding, and rearranged the furniture. It's so transformational! The old colors: mauve and beige. The new colors: indigo and white. It feels different to be in the room and I'm even sleeping better. I don't think we pay enough attention to the power of having a living space that truly delights and pleases you. I hope you find some time to create a space, however small, that bathes you in support and beauty.

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