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Birds Nest casseroles and keepsake boxes are back at last!

This week's firing had some beautiful Birds Nest casseroles and keepsake boxes, love bird luminaries, white trays, large poppy bowls and a new mushroom box. I will list the mushroom box tomorrow after photographing it- everything else is stocked up. I have a lot of dinnerware orders, which will take halk of each week's kiln load for several weeks so I have a bit less open stock but I'm blessed with great firings so the selection should remain pretty decent.

I'll have more casseroles next week along with large flower bowls and large Urban Rustic handbuilt bowls. 

Yesterday I went to my first NC Clay Club meeting. It was so exciting to meet some of out area's most talented ceramic artists. These creative connections are important and I've missed that from my life recently so I will attend every monthly meeting that I can. I hope you find time to seek out the friendships that nurture your creative soul this week. And time to make something that pleases you.


Birds Nest Casseroles are back

I got a beautiful load of Birds Nest casseroles from the kiln  this week! Also frog lidded vases, 4 c flower bowls and a new turquoise nesting bowl set. Due to large custom orders I have limited in stock work but I'm busy making more. 


In progress: Owl casseroles, large nesting bowl sets, small owl bowls, and planters. 

We painted our bedroom last weekend, bought new bedding, and rearranged the furniture. It's so transformational! The old colors: mauve and beige. The new colors: indigo and white. It feels different to be in the room and I'm even sleeping better. I don't think we pay enough attention to the power of having a living space that truly delights and pleases you. I hope you find some time to create a space, however small, that bathes you in support and beauty.


New pieces, and more of the favorites

If you've been waiting for a Birds Nest casserole or Urban Rustic bowl, you are in luck! I unloaded a beautiful kiln full of casseroles and Urban Rustic bowls. I made a nesting set of Ice Blue nesting bowls for a wedding registry and fell in love with them! It's my new favorite thing. I also added Autumn Harvest bowls and a nesting bowl set in Neon Sea.

I have more flower bowls in stock that will be ready in about a week. I'm also experimenting with large hand built pieces and some fluted vases, so there will be a few new things coming. 

Thanks for all of your purchases for gifts! One of my crazy pleasures is shopping for gift wrap. Luxurious prints in modern graphics are so irresistible!



Hope you find those things that make your day special!


New nesting bowl sets

 Nesting bowl sets sold out last week, so it is a good thing that I had a kiln load of new ones in progress! There are 2 new  sets:


River Journey

Farmhouse Morning.

I also listed a gorgeous new Urban Rustic bowl, and poppy bowls in every glaze. Hope you enjoy looking! In progress are more keepsake boxes, Mama and Baby Bird bowls, rustic trays and mugs. 

Hope our week includes much fun and creativity!


Now in Stock!

 Gorgeous!!! 2 cup flower bowls, Autumn Harvest flower bowls, Turquoise Sunrise flower bowls, Raised In Love sculpture, poppy bowls, raven trays. I will soon be listing 2 new dinnerware sets- very happy with them after many tests. I have a 3rd set almost tweaked.

In progress are nesting bowl sets, Urban Rustic bowls, Modern Lace trays, and a few surprises.

Happy holy days, Passover, Easter, Solstice, or the joy of a new season, however you celebrate I hope it is with a happy heart and mind full of wonder.


New kiln load

 Just unloaded some very fine pieces!Look for new Autumn Song flower bowls, Organic Soul nesting bowl set, and Leaf and Flower sets. I am very excited about my new wedding goblets and cake toppers. I'm styling and shooting them today so they will be available soon.

We had a dusting of snow this weekend, just enough to make a magical white aura around everything. We now know who is beheading the daffodils! There was a telltale path of rabbit tracks in the garden. Fortunately we have an abundance of daffies.

Hope your March brings days with wonder and delight.


New flower bowls!

 I'm sort of in love with these new 2 cup flower bowls in autumn colors. I made the flower arrangement in the photo from seed pods, flowers, mushrooms and leaves gathered on a late afternoon walk.

I listed dinnerware by custom order. My 2 assistants have eliminated my long wait time! I can now start on your set whenever you are ready to purchase. Birds Nest casseroles and Autumn Song flower bowls are in progress! You can purchase preorders if you like. I had my  very best sales day today since I started this website in May! Things may seem a bit sold out but I will have 3 more firings in the next 2 weeks so let me know if you want something nor currently available.

Have you seen migrating birds lately? Sometimes they stop at Brooks Cove near my home. I love that moment when a bird shoots from a comfortable bath into the precision of flight. It seems for a moment impossible, and then the bird glides as if it is a letter in an alphabet written across the sky.


new work! 9/29

 large flower bowls in all colors, 2 incredible large Urban Rustic handbuilt bowls and Neon Christmas ornaments are all now stocked. Here is my new collaboration with Marci- I love her leaf  plates and think the small anemone flower bowls are beautiful with it


just listed-9/27

 Autumn Harvest Flower bowls, Turquoise Sunset flower bowls, white nesting tray set and Pea pod casseroles are in stock! Birds Nest casseroles are available by preorder. I also have a beautiful feathers and lace bowl, and brand new collaborations with my daughter Marci. I especially love the new  anemone flower with her geometric tray, and leaf. In progress look for more very large rustic hand built bowls, Sunday Coffee flower bowls, and love bird keepsake boxes.

Enjoy a small moment to catch those small buds of autumn mums slowly unfurl. I love how the unremarkable green dot hold such a large riot of beauty!


new work 9/15

 Organic Soul nesting bowl set, Autumn Song flower bowls, and a large rustic textured lace bowl are now available!

Next kiln unloading 9/20- I will have Birds nest casseroles and preorders available. Also watch for Pea Pod casseroles and Turquoise Sunrise flower bowls. If there is something you are waiting for and would like to preorder it, you can email me at 

Thank you so kindly for the wonderful words of appreciation on works received. I love knowing that you've made someone happy with a gift or found something for yourself that has become a source of pleasure. 

Hope y'all find a bit of everyday magic in the turning of the seasons.