I'm sort of in love with these new 2 cup flower bowls in autumn colors. I made the flower arrangement in the photo from seed pods, flowers, mushrooms and leaves gathered on a late afternoon walk.

I listed dinnerware by custom order. My 2 assistants have eliminated my long wait time! I can now start on your set whenever you are ready to purchase. Birds Nest casseroles and Autumn Song flower bowls are in progress! You can purchase preorders if you like. I had my  very best sales day today since I started this website in May! Things may seem a bit sold out but I will have 3 more firings in the next 2 weeks so let me know if you want something nor currently available.

Have you seen migrating birds lately? Sometimes they stop at Brooks Cove near my home. I love that moment when a bird shoots from a comfortable bath into the precision of flight. It seems for a moment impossible, and then the bird glides as if it is a letter in an alphabet written across the sky.

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