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Hosta Leaf serving pieces now available

These pieces have evolved from a craftsy project made with my daughter on long summer days. She loved to press a real leaf into a slab of clay, cut around the edges, and shape that into a plate. Soon all the neighborhood kids joined in until all the surrounding families had plates, ornaments, trivets and wind chimes plus plenty of treasured gifts to give. I made pieces alongside the young ones, working to combine the simple pleasure of spontaneous creation with complex functional forms that maintain their sculptural interest. These evolved over a decade to produce this week's kiln load. Click on the image for more information.



Enjoy! Hope you find something that brings you back to the magic of a summer day from the eyes of a child.


Saturday Sale 6/21

This week's sale has my first ever Fox Casserole and some hosta plates that are small-ish but beautiful, plus a few odds and ends. Here is a preview of the casserole. The sale opens at 11 am EST here.

fox casserole


What's New

One of my favorite things is opening a kiln, removing each warm vessel gingerly, turning it to see every angle, holding it by the sunlit window to check for hairline cracks or small glaze flaws. On a really good day, there are few pieces with issues. On a freaking fantastic day, there are pieces so spectacular that I drink my morning coffee and just look at them for awhile. This morning was a day like that. Here are pieces that have been restocked; click on the image to go to the listing page:



Look for some new pieces tomorrow too! I have a large hand built bowl and platter that I can list when I get the photos ready.

Hope you get to make something today! If you don't have a project maybe you can just make someone smile. That's another of my favorite things.


new nesting bowl sets in stock now

I have 4 new nesting bowl sets in stock now! Click the photos to see the listing



I have been so creative lately! I wake up eager to get in the studio and open each kiln load with anticipation. Look for a few new designs soon. I will have some prototypes in tomorrow's Saturday Sale, and by next week I can list pieces with whole new glaze combinations.

Hope your weekend is filled with laughter, leisure, and a bit of personal luxury. Set a pretty table, savor something fresh, linger to watch a the sun set. It costs nothing to enjoy this life we were given. How strange that we work so hard to reach our goals and easily forget to enjoy the journey!




I made my minimalist anemone dipping sauce bowls in 3 bright colors plus white for those wonderful casual backyard parties with friends and family. The hosta leaves are huge already so I'll have hosta plates in a few weeks, too. You can custom order now if you like.


I came home with bags full of baked goods, handmade crafts and produce from the Charlotte Street Farmer's Market today. We'll be eating good this week: hand rolled tamales, vegan sausages that taste every bit as good as the meat version, farm fresh eggs, colorful chard, and tender salad greens. I think that the best part is buying from makers and growers who are so joyfully passionate about their small business. 

I'm stocking up on mugs and beer steins for Father's Day, in case you need one. Next kiln load will be mid week. Hope you get to enjoy some sunshine!


Saturday Sale

A bit late this week- here it is:


the Red Poppy Platter

I just unloaded one spectacular kiln load! Although most of it was preordered, the extra pieces are now listed as in stock now.But first I must tell you what happened! After unloading the kiln I chose the red poppy platter to photograph and highlight on Facebook. As I was walking with it from studio to house, I saw this huge, and by that I mean GINORMOUS red poppy blooming in the garden. It wasn't even starting to open yesterday, and it is 3X as large as last year's poppies. Whenever these seemingly random synchronicities occur I look for a message or meaning. And yes, the rational part of my brain scoffs. But the artist in me enjoys the mystery and awe of this and so the rational allows it because the artist does make the money after all.

My red platter is oversized. The new red bloom has that quality too. And so I allow myself to believe that something much larger than I have expected is about to happen. Given the symbolism of red poppies, which is happiness and the energy to fulfill one's dreams, I like to think that something along these lines is eminent. Rational Mind: "If it makes her happy and keeps her from playing those depressing Leonard Cohen songs all day, I'm down with this belief." Artist Soul: "I know just what this means. Thank you!"

Here are my 2 poppies (the platter is available here):




New works! and a Saturday sale 5/10

New platters and an Arabesque nesting bowl set are my new works this week.


At 11 am EST you can save big on experimental pieces and prototypes from my studio. Saturday Sale is open now:


New in 2014- value priced pieces now available

As most of you know, I sell prototypes and experimental pieces on Etsy (as OneClayBead). Since they may not be repeated and most still need a bit of tweaking, I price them on the low side. Some of those designs have evolved into great pieces with high sales so these will begin to show up here, still value priced until I know I can repeat them consistently and/or have a full line of similar pieces. Enjoy!


more in the next few days and weeks- check out the New in 2014 collection here

I also just stocked more faceted mugs, large flower bowls, and 2 cup flower bowls:


In progress: more 1 cup poppy bowls, flower and tray sets, a redesigned minimalist flower dipping sauce bowl, and nesting bowl sets.


new vases and bowls

I've worked on this tall faceted vase shape for 3 years and finally got the shape and proportions that I've been after. It's just right for long stemmed blooms from the florist or garden. I also made a few minimalist tree vases, which are amazing with just a few blooms.


This kiln load also produced some gorgeous large flower bowls:


I also unloaded a few nesting bowl sets, in River Journey and Organic Soul. Here is one:


In progress: dinnerware, organic shaped trays, Mama and Baby bird bowls for Mother's Day.

Hope the warm spring breezes lift your spirits and carry you to those magical moments of wonder and full out  laughter.