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I made my minimalist anemone dipping sauce bowls in 3 bright colors plus white for those wonderful casual backyard parties with friends and family. The hosta leaves are huge already so I'll have hosta plates in a few weeks, too. You can custom order now if you like.


I came home with bags full of baked goods, handmade crafts and produce from the Charlotte Street Farmer's Market today. We'll be eating good this week: hand rolled tamales, vegan sausages that taste every bit as good as the meat version, farm fresh eggs, colorful chard, and tender salad greens. I think that the best part is buying from makers and growers who are so joyfully passionate about their small business. 

I'm stocking up on mugs and beer steins for Father's Day, in case you need one. Next kiln load will be mid week. Hope you get to enjoy some sunshine!

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