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Casseroles and poppy bowls

 My most popular pieces are now in stock- Birds Nest casseroles, Owl casseroles, and poppy bowls. As soon as I get them photographed you will see a new casserole, hand built trays and flower bowls. I have my first 2013 dinnerware set ready, too. As always, if what you want is sold out, email me and I will list a preorder for you to purchase and get some started.

We have some family activities this weekend, so my next kiln load will be a bit later than usual. I will have more flower bowls and hopefully 2 more dinnerware sets.

I got 3 pages of links for "cheap flights" and other crazy spam as comments, so  closed comments, sorry! You can post on my Facebook wall if you like, though

Hope your garden is starting to bloom!


ready to ship now!

Birds Nest casseroles, poppy bowls, small Owl bowls, Love Birds luminaries in rust, and a beautiful large nesting bowl set in Chocolate Sorbet and Turquoise are now ready to ship. This is my last kiln load that can be ready to ship before Christmas. Sales this year have exceeded all expectations- thanks to all who have pinned, tweeted, shared, blogged about, and purchased my work. You bless my life immeasurably. 

My husband and I are looking forward to a mini vaca and stay-ca in the next week. We will head over to Hot Springs for a soak in the natural mineral baths, some rejuvenating spa treatments, hiking, and a few nights out in downtown Asheville. I love it that we don't have to go far from home to find anything we might enjoy. There is always something to please right here.

I also like access to my studio. I have more than a few new designs in mind for 2013! I hope you have some fun today, wherever you are. Let your hearts be light.


just listed!

 1 Birds Nest casserole, 2 Autumn Song flower bowls, 2 red poppy bowls, 2 owl soap dishes, 1 set bird plates, 1 minimalist tray, and 1 love birds luminary. These can all ship 12/13 or 12/17.

My next kiln load will be out Fri, 12/14 in the late afternoon. It has a new large nesting bowl set in blues, 1 large Urban Rustic bowl in turquoise, poppy bowls in turquoise and ice blue, 

On Monday, the 17th, look for the last of the birds nest casseroles, small owl bowls, 1 love birds luminary in rust.

And then I will sleep all day and call my friends, if they remember who I am!

Most ordered Family Bowls will ship today, and the rest by 12/15. Thanks to all who ordered! I love making them. I have 3 bowls ready to ship with 2 adult birds and 3 babies if you need one before Christmas. I always make extras and these all turned out beautifully.

Thanks to all who have written your wonderful words of thanks on Pinterest, Facebook and email. It lights up my days. If I haven't replied, think of me shipping out 20 boxes of pottery per day this month. I can't always find the time, but it is very much appreciated.

I hope you find a bit of time or money to donate today, if you are in a position to do that. Kindness and generosity are powerful forces to unleash upon our world! 


10/27- Birds Nest casseroles, large flower bowls, mugs

My new kiln load had spectacular Birds Nest casseroles, Autumn Song flower bowls, and Joyful Blaze mugs. I have more faceted mugs, small owl bowls and keepsake boxes in progress.

Happy Halloween! Hope the magic brings you fun and smiles.


9/2/12 new work available

 Happy Labor Day weekend to those in the US. It's also my anniversary today, and I started out unloading a kiln, which was beautiful! I have 1 extra Birds nest casserole, and preorders available for the next firing Sept 20th. I also have 2 amazing Pea Pod casseroles, owl soap dishes, available now. Watch for new works as I get them photographed: a wolf keepsake box, large hand built bowl, and new Neon Christmas ornaments with geometric stars, reindeer and peace doves.

I will also be offering many more collaborative works with my daughter, who has the Etsy shop, MarciG. She has a brilliant design eye and I think you will fall in love with the next generation of Lee Wolfe Pottery. Now I'm off to the Arboretum to enjoy a sunny anniversary day.



Just in: Birds Nest Casseroles, Organic Soul Nesting Bowl Set, Turquoise Sunset Flower Bowl, and small owl bowls


On Sunday August 19th, look for Autumn Song Flower Bowls, Turquoise Sunset Flower Bowls, small Flower Bowls in all colors, Textured Lace Bowls, and more small Owl Bowls.  Thank you so much for your interest and patience if you are waiting for something and hope you have a wonderful weekend. 


next kiln load: July 22


Lots of everyone's favorites are firing now, and will get listed by Sunday, July 22. Look for very limited quantities of Birds Nest casseroles, large flower bowls, owl bowls, textured lace bowls, and love birds luminaries. On July 25h, watch for pea Pod casseroles, penguin cake toppers, more flower bowls, and goblets. 

How am I getting all this done??? I have 2 wonderful new assistants who help with glazing, hand building dinnerware, packing, and answering email. So if I've been obnoxiously slow to reply, I'm sorry! It will get better. My 15 hour day has left me too exhausted to type. I'm very happy to have found 2 talented young ceramic artists to help me out.


Look for these 9/12- 9/13

 In the kiln now: Birds Nest casseroles (just a few), love bird keepsake boxes, 1 large flower bowl and mugs (new designs).

In progress, coming next week: more birds Nest casseroles, love bird luminaries, small owl bowls, Pea pod casseroles, large textured lace bowls. If you want something that seems to be always sold out, please email me and I'll make sure it's in production. 

Hope your summer is full of smiles, Lee