My favorite thing to do lately is to create texture in clay, and then layer the pieces into nesting bowl sets or dinnerware. I've pressed everything in the house and garden into clay, and now I'm scrounging through Home Depot eyeballing the filters, backs of tiles, and rows of hardware. I plan to glaze these sets in my Organic Soul pattern of cobalt blue, lime green, and turquoise. These won't be ready for 2 weeks. The Urban Rustic series is a minimalist exploration of the woodland rustic mode I've created for several years.

Tomorrow I am glazing a load of noodle bowls, owl bowls, and love bird bowls. Everything else in it- the flower bowls and dinnerware, is already ordered. I like to have at least half of a week, or half of a kiln load, that is not ordered, so I can make what I want to in the moment.

Thanks for visiting my new website! I've been working on this all month and am excited to take this new step!

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