Nothing is as beautiful to me as the natural world. When you pay attention, there are constant surprises! A deer locks eyes with you then darts away, a new flower opens with a color more vivid than ever before. Neon is my collection that expresses this moment of surprise and awe. Look for pops of neon and fluorescent color  in my woodland, neutral, and organic forms. I hope those fleeting encounters with magic light up your day today.

Neon Christmas is in production! the fluorescent and silver berries on Owl house are just a start! New creations will unfold over the next few months.

 Here are my Bird Plates, which can be wired to hang or used as lunch/dessert plates. They are made by rolling my nana's old crochet  lace tablecloth into soft clay.  These have been my best seller for several years and I've just made more last week.These are the first listings on my website. 

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