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Check out the new pieces!

I had a crazy good morning unloading these spectacular pots! There are some of everything! This is absolutely the best stock I've had all year. By putting dinnerware orders on wait list I've been able to fill up the shelves,

New Listings 


Are you in love with the poppies and leaves, or is it just me?

Watch for a Black Friday Flash Sale, and new cheese boards to be listed in limited quantities on Shop Small Saturday.

Hope you are ready for a wonderful holiday season.  My heart is full, as friends and family are coming. I love setting a table for an epic meal, and then lingering to talk long into the evening. Nothing better than that. 


Largest restock of 2016!

Here are all the new pieces I've just restocked:

I'm working extra hard to get the most I can in stock before the holidays, but, you know, things will sell out. Please shop early to get the gifts you really want. 

It's getting cool here! We are out hiking at midday, collars turned up, noticing the last clinging leaves. And then back home to bake something fragrant. Hope you enjoy the changing weather.


Owls and Bowls

Tonight's restock:

Owl soap dish

Coffee and Lavender Arabesque bowls

poppy bowls

11" D Urban Rustic bowl 


I am in high production mode but will not have a lot of open stock for the holidays. Please order early to get what you really want! I am working on some small poppy bowls for stocking stuffers and some new ornament designs. I love playing and changing things up! Also in production are Arabesque bowls, both nesting and large individual ones. 

It's been warm here lately and that delightful crunch of leaves is underfoot as we walk. But I can't get used to daylight savings time this year! I miss my evening walks! Hope your transitions are bringing you new pleasures, and that you can roll with whatever comes.


Mugs! Owls! Ravens!

In tonight's restock:

Beach Cottage mugs

Faceted mugs in Sunday Coffee

Faceted mugs in Snow Shadows

Owl and Baby Owl Keepsake Box

Raven Trays

Arabesque Bowls in Turquoise

Hope you enjoy looking! Please remember to shop as early as possible for holiday gifts. Orders have been much greater than ever, and I'm not stocked up! I'm just keeping up! I know...poor me, right! 

Well, the rain finally passed! We had little damage here, thankfully. And the leaves are as pretty as ever. This is the time to visit Asheville if you can.

Please take a moment for yourself today, and remember how much you mean to artists like myself. Without you, we could not make our work and thrive.




Casseroles and Mugs just added

Tonight's restock:

Autumn Song mugs/beer stein

Green Tea mugs

Faceted mugs

Birds Nest casseroles

Owl soap dish

I am firing a double schedule this week, so there will be another restock on Monday, 10/5. There are a few things I've done for creative pleasure coming- carved vases and luminaries, as well as a new, slightly larger, Raven Tray. 

I want to thank all of you who are repeat and returning buyers. You've let me break free of Etsy and I sleep a lot better at night not worrying about what that behemoth is up to! I am working on a new venture as a Shopify designer, starting next year, so if you want help setting up a new shop I will be available,

It's been very rainy here in Asheville lately so I haven't gotten as much hiking in as I would like. I hope to be outside in the glorious fall soon! I hope you find some good cozy time this week. Rumi, my kitten, is curled on my chest as I type. Cats and young kids know how to handle cool weather! Let's take that cue and stay warm in luxurious longing! If no one has told you yet today, let me: you are a blessing in more ways, and to more people, than you will ever know.


New New New!

Here are the new listings in tonight's restock. Click to go to the listing page. Enjoy!

Arabesque Nesting Bowl set in Neon Sea

Organic Soul Nesting Bowl Set- lg

Owl Soap Dish

Arabesque Bowl in Coffee and Lavender

Hope your week is going well, and that you've set aside some time for fall baking. And if not, treating yourself to a nice restaurant with fresh seasonal food. These days are so pleasant here in Asheville! It is before the major tourist traffic for our leaf season but past the sweltering heat of summer. 

In progress are Birds Nest casseroles, which have been out of stock for a month. Plan to get one soon if they are on your holiday gift list! I'm also making more pots just for fun. I have to keep it interesting and all these creative ideas pile up if I don't. 


New pieces

Here's what's available tonight! Click links to see the listings:





Dinnerware orders for 2015 are now full, except Arabesque (which I am making for myself so I want the overruns!). I'll keep a wait list for 2016 if you'd like to be on it. I just don't feel right about collecting payment for sets I won't be able to complete this year.

Hope your days are full of delight! And some bounty from a garden, either your own or from a nearby farm. We are enjoying peaches, beans, and squash right now.


Tonight's Restock

Click the link to see the new listings:

11" Poppy Platter in red

Poppy Bowl in red


Arabesque Bowls in Turquoise

My kiln loads are now heavily pre-ordered, so if you want something by a certain date, please order ahead! Thanks for all your enthusiastic support. It means a lot to me to read those IG comments, and see return buyers adding to their collections. In progress are more Arabesque bowls, some new vases, mugs, and poppy bowls. I know I don't have enough in tonight's restock, so if you miss out, you can grab one next week.

Hope you get some time to cook a favorite recipe, and serve it up in style! And if there isn't time to cook from scratch, you can still serve it with panache! Have a week filled with joy.


Nesting bowl sets, trays, and mugs!

Here are the new listings (click to see the one you want)

nesting bowl set in Dusk (size small)

nesting bowl set in Chocolate Sorbet (size large)

White modern serving platter

Hosta leaf plates

Joyful Blaze mugs

Enjoy! Next week I will have more Arabesque bowls. My summer orders are unrecedented- thank you everyone! I'm now performing in the top 95% of Shopify shops! Yayyyy! But that means you must order early or snag pieces when available. I like working as a studio solo artisan and won't hire a crew of elves to crank out more pots. (Although I do have assistance in packing, cleaning, and occasionally glazing).


In Stock now

I'll be adding very few open stock pieces this summer as I work on custom orders. Please order in advance if you must have something! This week I have:

Birds Nest casseroles

Owl House ornaments


Hope you find something to smile about today! There is so much around us every day that infuses life with fierce grace if you pay attention. 

In progress: Arabesque bowls, goblets, nesting bowl sets