I have a limited amount of stock to list today but you can now get large flower bowl in Turquoise Sunset and Autumn Song, the popular red poppy bowls, owl soap dishes and a Birds Nest casserole. 

In progress: later this week on Fri 12/13 I will have more owl soap dishes and mugs. On Mon, 12/16 I will have the last Birds Nest casseroles (if they aren't sold out with preorders), Urban Rustic bowls, large flower bowls and goblets.

I'm working 12-16 hour days until the last orders ship out, so please be patient if I am slow to answer email- sorry! It's been an overwhelmingly good year or the pottery, both in the volume of orders from amazing buyers and mostly very fine kiln loads, too. I'm so very grateful for both!

Hope you find the gifts you want for the people you love, and have some energy left over to give smiles, hugs, and a listening ear. Sometimes those are the best gifts of all!

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Lee Wolfe