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River Journey dinnerware now available

Posted April 11, 2013 in dinnerware, lee wolfe pottery

 After 3 months of revisions I have the 2013 River Journey dinnerware available for order. This has had a wait list of up to 9 months before, so order ASAP if you are able to. This year I changed the textured bottom from vines to a spiraling swirl. This pattern is deep enough to accent with glaze rather than an oxide, which makes the plates stronger. I also think it brings the drama of water swirl around  rocks. It's quite beautiful!   

I am glazing today so look for Birds Nest casseroles, Pea Pod casseroles and Garlic Sprout casseroles by Saturday. I know they've been sold out for weeks. I will also have a limited amount of poppy bowls in the popular Red and Ice Blue. I make 8-16 of these every week, so please custom order the ones you want when they are sold out. You will get the best selection of the next kiln load.

Here are more views 

Here are all my 2013 dinnerware sets available for order

This warm weather lately is so welcome! I love sleeping with windows open and waking to he sound of bird calls. Hope you find a few moments of wonder each morning before the busy day pulls you on.

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