Arabesque bowls, casseroles, poppy bowls, faceted mugs, flowers bowls, all premium quality! It's as if Christmas came early as I opened the kiln and removed one flawless beauty after another. 

It is not too late to custom order for Christmas delivery but if the mail slows down or storms hit your gifts might arrive later than you'd like. But I'm shipping every other day so you are sure to get piecesw that are in stock delivered on time in the continental US if ordered this week. Hope you find The Perfect Thing!


I hope you are taking time for things that uplift and inspire you. The news has been harsh and full of pain. While it is important to stay informed it is also important to keep your heart and mind engaged in messages of peace, safety, and beauty. Sometimes, for me, all it takes is a cuddle session with my cat, a short text with my daughter, a joke shared with my husband, a fun workshop with a friend. Whatever floats your boat, as my mom used to say! You deserve all the good things, even if your heart is aching with the brokenness in our world. 

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Kate Booten
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