Have you tired of the price games yet? It goes like this- manufacture merchandise in oppressive environmental and inhumane conditions, mark up 500%, then "discount" 50%. Next year, pile it into landfills and repeat with new merchandise, new deals. It doesn't fit how I live, nor what I value. 

How about buying something made with integrity that will last for generations to come, made in home studios by people with passion and joy? How about letting artisans thrive by eliminating stock options and CEO salaries from the pricing structure? And, here's an idea, make the price the same everyday, for everyone. 

The down side of this is that artisans, like myself, sell out when demand is high. We can't always fill your need for impulse purchasing. The upside is that what you get is unique, rare, personal. Perhaps just like the people on your gift list. Perhaps just like you.

I am introducing a new series of small poppy bowls today. You can see them here. As always, new pieces are priced at introductory rates, and rise with popularity and demand. So, in the final analysis, you can get a good deal here! Not because the price was outrageously inflated yesterday, but because it will hold value and rise in price tomorrow. (Not literally tomorrow! Just somewhere down the road.)

So, welcome Shop Small Saturday! I love this movement so much I've extended it to 365 days a year, in both my sales here and my purchases for our family. Hope you find small treasures in all sizes this season. Thanks for reading, for caring, for being you.

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Lee Wolfe