I had a brilliant kiln load and just restocked mugs, Mama and Baby Owl keepsake boxes, large nesting bowl sets in Organic Soul, large 8 cup flower bowls, and a large Urban Rustic bowl. I have small owl bowls, small Mama and Baby bird bowls, and Birds Nest casseroles in progress. Look for these by the 25th, or purchase a preorder now if you like.

I have been experimenting a lot lately, and will have new dinnerware sets available soon. I am also working with the motif of onions, garlic, and other bulbs that sprout.  I am fascinated by the way those sturdy green tendrils burst forth. We have the tips of daffodils bravely sending new shoots up, and narcissus blooming indoors. 

I hope you  find a way to celebrate new growth in your world, even if it is February and somewhat barren outside. 

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Lee Wolfe