I have 2 new designs this week- a Modern Lace serving set and a White Rose nesting tray set. Enjoy!

I've also stocked more poppy bowls, flower bowls, small owl bowls, and nesting bowl sets. In progress are more leaf sets with the hosta leaf plate. If you want this, order now, as I can only make them until the first frost, and then there are no more until around July when my hostas are large enough to press into plate sizes.

I'm glad the long hot and muggy summer is changing into these wonderful September days with sunshine and gentle breezes. At night the air feels like a silk shawl lightly brushing the skin and the sound of tree frogs is thick and rich. 

I hope you find time to enjoy the changing season, as it passes quickly. Each day slightly cooler, with green giving way to the warm autumn brilliance.

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Lee Wolfe