I am catching up on orders, and took time to create some of my more OOAK pieces like hosta bowls. That time to play is so important to me. After 35+ years as a studio artisan, I want to feel that same joy that I did as a beginner, and what does that is limiting production work, moving on from bodies of work that aren't challenging any longer, and really falling in love with something new continuously.

Here are the new listings! Click the link or photo to go to the listing you want to view.

12" D Hosta Leaf platter


10" D Hosta leaf bowl


Love Birds Luminary in rust

4 Cup Minimalist Flower Bowl


red Poppy Bowl

Arabesque Nesting Bowl set in Beach Cottage


Hope you see something to delight you! In production are noodle bowls of every design. I've been flooded with orders for them and made lots of extras. Also, poppy bowls and platters. I know they've been selling out quicker than I can make them so I'm trying to get ahead of the curve. Are you having you having those blissful days when the temperature is just perfect! It's such a relief after the long heat wave here. I'm outside enjoying it often, as you can see on Instagram if you are following me.

Have a wonderful week, and thank you sincerely for your interest and support! You make my work possible, and I never forget my gratitude for you.

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Lee Wolfe