I have a new mug -Finally!- designed to go with my hand built dinnerware. This has been long and often requested, and I've gone through years of prototypes, never totally happy until this one!  It has a fully organic shape but it's thrown and altered rather than hand built. The glazes go with all 3 handbuilt sets. Here it is (click pic to go to listing)


I've also added 2 smaller Urban Rustic bowls in 2 glazes, Seafoam and Ice Blue. 


I've also stocked 2 Mama and Baby Bird bowls. These tiny ring dish bowls are perfect Mother's Day gifts


and a turquoise poppy bowl


Over the next few evenings I'll be adding noodle bowls previously only listed on Etsy. And maybe completing my long winded blog post on why I'm pulling stock off of there. Yes, drama happens!

Enjoy a book, a long bath, a quiet moment with tea, or however you find pampering time for you. It's Monday but that can still have a wee moment to nourish yourself. I know you! You are the one who gives generously and thinks of others. Most sensitive souls who love beauty and their home are. It only takes a few moments to attend to your own mind and body and I hope today you do that!

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Lee Wolfe