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New listings today and what's coming

Posted November 28, 2014

Limited quantities of the following pieces are in stock now. You can click on the pic to see the listing.




Coming on Tues (or Wed if I'm running late) are nesting bowl sets, Owl keepsake boxes, large poppy bowls, and leaf plates. Hope you find what you want for your loved ones, and that someone finds what you really, really want for you! I'm a bit overwhelmed with keeping up with shipping this time of year. What always refreshes me are small restful times like watching a bit of tv with my cat curled against my body, a walk with my husband down our country road, noticing the antics of squirrels and birds in the back yard, and choosing causes for my donations. I hope you find restful, delightful things to help you slow down and enjoy how magical these holidays can be.

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