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Luna Moth luminary in Blue 3 luna moths

Lee Wolfe Pottery

Luna Moth luminary in Blue 3 luna moths


This is a prototype and is priced below the final design. The wings are glazed in a glittery gold crystalline glaze. It is a thrown and altered globe.

Luna Moths symbolize optimism and the ability to see the correct path.

This is from my series Guardian Lanterns, which I generally make in autumn and winter, when our ancestors huddled around fire for warmth and safety. Each lantern uses light and shadow to create a sense of awe and magic. 

It takes several hours to throw, alter, and sculpt these jars. Very small brushes and patience are required to glaze the details. If the piece cracks or the glaze does not flow well, all the work is lost. Everything came together perfectly for this piece.

It is 6 1/2" round.

PHOTOS: The pics are of a piece of the same size, glazes, and shape of the one you will receive.