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Ceramic Owl Bowl

Lee Wolfe Pottery

Ceramic Owl Bowl
  • Ceramic Owl Bowl
  • Ceramic Owl Bowl
  • Ceramic Owl Bowl


 A ceramic owl, entirely hand sculpted and one of a kind, sits on a tiny bowl. Use the drop down menu to select your choice.

The bowl is 4" round; 5" including the owl's tails, and 3" H. The edge of the bowl is intentionally rustic.  Use it as a ring holder, candle holder, or tea bag holder. It's a charming little work of art.

 I am not accepting Custom Orders at this time.

The owl is a symbol of intuition, and the ability to see through deception. Those who are drawn to the owl are said to have these traits themselves. What a perfect gift for someone whose wise intuition has blessed your life!

PHOTOS: The piece you receive will have the same size, shape, and glazes as the sample photo .

All of my glazes are formulated for maximum durability, and this piece will be as rich and glossy 100 years from now. dishwasher, oven, and microwave safe. 

Thanks for your interest!